Our Story

CloudNova Technologies is a software development company that develops cloud monitoring and security products. CloudCatcher is a cloud monitoring and security product addressing cloud asset security, cloud asset visibility, cloud asset compliance and cloud asset cost. CloudCatcher brings traces, logs, metrics to provide the most up-to-date cloud asset security posture, compliance, and cost.  These modules provide insights and help businesses secure their cloud infrastructure, meet compliance standards, and reduce the cost of cloud infrastructure.

The platform is designed by security professionals to address the daily challenges faced by security administrators in today’s world with extensive migrations to the public Cloud. CloudNova platform uses the principles of automation, scalability and ease of use to provide a security posture management platform that provides comprehensive coverage and can be easily deployed.

Our Approach

CloudCatcher answers the following for you so you don’t have to spend days digging through your environment:

What are my assets on the Cloud? How many do I have?

What are the security configurations of my cloud assets on the cloud? Are they secure and up to compliant standards?

Do my cloud assets meet the compliance requirements? Are they compliant?

Do I have a bird’s eye view of what is happening in my cloud environment?

Do I have a view of the cost of my cloud assets? Can I optimize my cloud expenditure?

“The CloudCatcher Platform was developed to provide solutions such as Cloud Asset Visibility, Cloud Asset Cost, Cloud Asset Cost Optimization,  Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), Cloud Asset Compliance, Cloud Asset Event Monitoring and Threat Hunting.  In today’s changing environment more and more organizations are on the Cloud or moving toward the cloud infrastructure. These organizations need solutions and automation to secure and monetize their cloud infrastructure. CloudCatcher Platform offers the functionality and flexibility to quickly and efficiently secure and reduce the cost of the cloud infrastructure” – Bary Azmi, CEO of CloudNova Technologies, LLC. 

Leadership Team

Bary Azmi

Founder and CEO of CloudNova Technologies – A serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of proven and successful leadership in the telecommunications and software data analytics industry. Founder and CEO of TeleWorld Solutions, 2002-2009 and Chairman of TeleWorld Solutions, 2009-2020, a leading and recognized provider of strategic consulting and engineering services to the wireless industry such as Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, Samsung, etc. Founder and CEO of Xceed Technologies, 2002-2014, a leading Software developer and provider of analytics and optimization products to the wireless industry for the deployment and maintenance of emerging wireless access technologies. Prior to that, Bary worked as Senior Director of RF Engineering Service for LCC International as well as Founder Chairman of the Board of EchoTrace, LLC.

Ram Perumal

22 years of network and cyber security industry experience. Previously Ram has served cyber security leadership roles at CapitalOne, FannieMae, Keysight, Xceed Technologies. Served in cybersecurity advisory role in Finance, software development, Wireless, Manufacturing, and IT services.

Anani Folly

5 Years of AWS Cloud Security and Compliance Product Development experience. AWS Solution Architect at Veil Evasion. Cloud Engineer consultant at Altiostar, A Rakuten Symphony Company